Sunday, 12 February 2017

Playball opportunity at Halsey Drive

Playball at Halsey Drive

Playball is a sport and movement program specifically developed for the junior school (5-8 years). We run an exciting program covering skills from 8 different sports! 
With only 10 students in each team our low ratios provide a perfect learning environment. The main objective of Playball is not to create superstars, but rather to provide children with the opportunity to develop a host of necessary social, educational and personal skills. By giving children competence in sport, they will develop a vast number of life skills that are not associated with sport at all. From a child’s perspective the most important element of our program is fun! For many children their Playball lesson is the highlight of their week! 

* Maximum pupil:coach ratio of 10:1
* Introduction to eight sports
* Positive, enjoyable coaching environment
Life skills through sport
Age specific teams and programs

Playball runs at Halsey Drive on Tuesdays from 3pm - 4pm 

To enroll visit
For more information visit 
Or contact Erin 021923232 /

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