Monday, 15 August 2016

Gymnastic Zones

Congratulations to all the children who attended the Gymnastics zones at Tri Star gym in Mt Roskill. The children all competed enthusiastically and we had some fantastic results. Well done!!
1st Place Caleb - Year 6 Boys
3rd Place Connor - Year 5 Boys
1st Place Sahil - Year 4 Boys
2nd Place Tareeq - Year 4 Boys
3rd Place Caitlin - Year 3 Girls
3rd Place Year 3 Girls team (Dileena, Caitlin, Angel)
3rd Place Year 4 Girls team (Naomi, Brianna, Kayla, Prisha)


  1. Well done to all those that went along. They did the school proud showing how far they have come with all that hard work paying off. Roll on Champions of champions in September for those teams above, and individuals. Pleasure working with all the kids.

  2. I forgot to say a huge thank you to all the coaches who have been helping with the Gymnastics team this year, we really appreciate it. Its awesome to see all this hard work paying off!!