Monday, 16 May 2016

Swimming sports 2016

Congratulations to all of the swimming team who competed today in the Swimming Zones at the newly renovated Cameron Pools. It was a fantastic day with some fabulous results. We had many children getting through to finals in their events as well as great relay results.

Year 5 Boys Freestyle Final - 1st Kevin, 2nd Torres
                     Breast stroke Final - 1st Torres, 2nd Kevin
                     Back Stroke Final - 1st Kevin, 2nd Torres 

Year 5 Girls  Breast stroke Final - 7th place Catalina 

Year 6 Boys  Breast stroke Final - 7th place Bill 
                      Backstroke Final - 2nd place Caleb 

Year 6 Girls  Breast Stroke Final - 4th place Zahra, 7th place Nyah 
                      Backstroke Final - 3rd place Tanishaa, 7th place Zahra  

Year 5 Boys Freestyle relay - 2nd place Anthony, Dev, Kevin, Torres

Year 6 Girls Freestyle relay - 3rd place Amelia, Zahra, Tanishaa, Nyah

Boys medley - 2nd place Caleb, Bill, Kevin, Torres

Girls medley - 3rd place Tanishaa, Nyah, Zahra, Amelia


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